List of Post Codes for Liverpool, England , UK

Merseyside, Liverpool

Liverpool L13, UK

Address and location information
Country: United Kingdom (UK), England
City/Town/Area: Liverpool
Postal/Post/Zip code: L13 xxx
Map of the area:
L130AA L130AG L130AJ L130AL L130AQ L130AR L130AT L130AW L130AX L130AY L130AZ L130BA L130BB L130BP L130BT L130BX L130BZ L130DB L130DD L131BN L131BP L131BS L131DA L131DD L131DF L131DG L131DL L131DN L131DQ L131DS L131DT L131DU L131DW L131EB L131EF L131EH L131EZ L131FB L131FP L131HD L132AA L132AB L132AH L132AR L132AS L132AW L132AY L132BA L132BD L132BJ L132BN L132BP L132BR L132BS L132DJ L132DP L132DR L132DS L132DU L132DW L132HF L133AE L133AL L133BB L133BD L133BG L133BN L133BP L133BQ L133BR L133DA L133DB L133DH L133DJ L133DR L133DS L133DW L133DX L133DZ L133EA L133EB L133EF L133EG L133EH L133EQ L133HT L134AA L134AB L134AF L134AH L134AJ L134AP L134AS L134AU L134AY L134BD L134BG L134BH L134BL L134BN L134BP L134BW L134BX L134BZ L134DB L134DD L134DE L134DF L134DH L134DJ L134DN L134DQ L134HD L135RL L135RR L135SE L135SF L135SH L135SR L135SS L135ST L135SU L135SW L135SY L135TB L135TL L135TS L135TU L135TX L135UB L135UD L135UE L135UH L135UJ L135UL L135UN L135XD L135XH L135XL L135XN L135XP L135XT L135XW L135XX L135XZ L135YA L135YD L136QD L136QE L136QH L136QJ L136QL L136QN L136QQ L136QS L136QT L136QU L136QW L136QX L136QY L136QZ L136RB L136RE L136RL L136RN L136RR L136RS L136RU L136RW L136RX L136RY L136RZ L136SA L136SB L136SE L136SH L136SJ L136SQ L136TA L136TH L137BA L137BB L137BE L137BG L137BH L137BJ L137BN L137BS L137BT L137BU L137BW L137BY L137BZ L137DA L137DE L137DF L137DG L137DJ L137DL L137DN L137DP L137DT L137EE L137EG L137EH L137EN L137EQ L137ER L137EZ L137HA L137HF L137HG L137HU L137HW L138AL L138AR L138AS L138AT L138AU L138AW L138AX L138AY L138AZ L138BA L138BB L138BG L138BJ L138BL L138BN L138BP L138BR L138BS L138BT L138BX L138BY L138DB L138DE L138DH L138DL L138DN L138DT L138DU L138DW L138EA L138ED L139AA L139AB L139AD L139AF L139AG L139AL L139AN L139AS L139AX L139BA L139BB L139BG L139BL L139BN L139BP L139BQ L139BX L139BZ L139DB L139DD L139DE L139DG L139DH L139DL L139DN

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